So you want to be an e-learning consultant?


eLearn Magazine has just published my article entitled, So you want to be an e-learning consultant?

Many people dream of striking out on their own as an e-learning consultant but aren’t quite sure what it takes to succeed in a competitive marketplace. In what is sure to be one of eLearn Magazine‘s most popular features, consultant Harold Jarche lays out the basics: How to establish and develop your own e-learning consultancy, complete with actual numbers as regards fee ranges for various specialties.

It’s a bit more formal than my typical blog post. Graham Watt (my muse & mentor) thinks that I should have included the importance of long bike rides and the resulting thinking time. I agree; time for exercise and reflection is a very important aspect (perk?) of life as a free-agent.

4 Responses to “So you want to be an e-learning consultant?”

  1. Jay Cross

    nice job, Harold. i’m in favor of bike rides, too, although they are frequently metaphorical. i hope you post a link to this in your sidebar so people on holiday down south (Thanksgiving) don’t miss it.



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