Global Civics 301

Did you ever try to talk to teenagers about international politics or modern history? At our house, their eyes usually glaze over and the subject changes. Last night we watched Where in the World is Osama Bin Laden?, produced by the Morgan Spurlock who also made Fast Food Nation. This is the kind of documentary that takes on big issues but in a not too serious way, using humour to make its point.

I would recommend this movie as a starting point for discussions on terrorism, geopolitics, the war on terror or religious studies. Morgan ties together a story of discovery as he travels through North Africa, the Middle East and finally Pakistan, asking where is OBL. At various points he adds in computer-animated history lessons, which cover an entire semester’s worth of material in a few minutes. This movie keeps your attention, tells a serious story but doesn’t beat you over the head with the lesson. Judging by the comments on Twitter last night, this movie was a better use of my time than watching the Republican National Convention 😉

If you’re looking for good movies on serious issues, see Global Civics 201 and Global Civics 101.

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  1. Karyn Romeis

    Because we moved town so close to the end of his final year of compulsory schooling, our elder son had to squat with a family in the previous town during the week until the end of the school year.

    They have two sons of their own, the younger one of which is two years older than our eldest and another two years older than that.

    When I went to fetch him for the last time, the wife clung to him and said, “It’s been so wonderful to have a teenager in the house who TALKS… and has an opinion about politics!” Apparently, he used to sit with her and watch the news and stuff and the two of them would yell at the screen together. He regularly entered into animated conversation with her on any and every subject. It seems her own sons are of the more usual grunting variety.

    I never thought of my son’s motor mouth (wonder where he got it from;o)) as being a blessing…


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