Balancing Work, Life, Dreams

Dave Pollard has another thoughtful post, reflecting my own attempt at achieving some kind of work/life balance. If you know me, or have followed the external links, you know that I volunteer at the Atlantic Wildlife Institute. We are a charity, and therefore are constantly low on operating funds. The work I do here is very gratifying, but not highly paid. As a new consultant I’m always looking for the next project, or working on the current project. In between I try to spend some time with my family, or get out for a cycle.

The subject of work/life balance came up today with some business partners, and we’re all trying to keep the work coming, but try to do something meaningful at the same time. If we just wanted a paycheck, we would have stuck to regular jobs, but I’m sure that we’re all idealists at heart. Dave Pollard’s advice from a friend is to keep two lists (1 – things that pay well & 2 – things that make a difference). Start with the top item from list 1 and then try to do the top item from list 2.

My friend’s advice was simple. “Write the damn book. Now. Get it finished, get it out there. Then decide if you can afford, on your own terms, to do either or both of your two Next Things. If you can’t, pick the thing from List 1 that gives you the most money, and/or the most spare time to keep working on the plan, and the skills development, that you need to do the two Next Things, and do it, for as long as you have to.”

Sounds like good advice to me – get on with it!

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