Firefox and Drupal

OK, I’m trying to use more open source technologies and am using Firefox 0.9.1 and I like it. Unfortunately, there is a function that does not work with the Drupal text editor. Firefox won’t let me paste text from the clipboard into the body of a post. That means that I can’t quote text from other blogs – an essential part of blogging. The help file from Mozilla that automatically pops up makes no sense at all to me. I’ve looked into the forums but to no avail. Is there an easy way to do this, or should I just use IE, which lets me copy & paste with no difficulty. If I can surmount this obstacle, I will gladly dump IE and its security issues. Help.

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    Yeah, that is a pain, and I hYeah, that is a pain, and I haven’t figured out how to disable it either. However, if you’re using HTMLEditor, you can switch to source view <> and then you can paste into the text.


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