Organization of the Future

Gautam Ghosh poses the question about what future work organizations will look like.

Taking the trends of how organizations develop, maybe it won’t take long for organizations to not even attempt at being ‘long-life’ entities.

Maybe, just maybe organizations should eventually become that ultimate knowledge organization – A movie unit !

I’ve heard and discussed the film crew metaphor many times over the past five or so years. It makes sense that in order to address the constantly changing market needs that a more flexible work organization is necessary. The film production crew model seems viable, but the dark side, according to Gautam, is that the producer gets the lion’s share of the profits, and the superstars command the enormous fees, while the average worker just survives. I think that a more cooperative model, like the independent productions, where more of the workers share in the risk and the profit, is more sustainable. This is becoming evident as the barriers to production are coming down – such as lower priced digital editing suites.

I am using this model with some of my business partners, and it works. We share the risks and profits; though someone is named as "Director" for the duration of the "shoot". That role could change for the next gig, and so it goes.

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