Storyteller Honoured

Budge Wilson was appointed to the Order of Canada yesterday.

Budge Wilson, C.M.
Halifax, Nova Scotia

Member of the Order of Canada

Her stories are unabashedly Canadian, featuring characters and landscapes that we recognize as our own. A popular children’s and young adults’ author, Budge Wilson brings her unique voice, creative spirit and passionate love of Canada to her writing. She gives tirelessly of her time to readings and workshops, particularly in Nova Scotia schools, where she spreads the joy of reading and writing to new generations. A champion of new and established authors, she generously shares her knowledge, humour and insight. She is also a committed volunteer with organizations such as the Nova Scotia Children’s Literature Roundtable and Word on the Street Halifax. She continues to be a storyteller who challenges, inspires and empowers readers of all ages.

Storytelling is an important medium for teaching and learning, and Budge just happens to be my mother-in-law 🙂


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