The Art of the Start

I usually peruse the business section in any bookstore and am quite selective in what I decide to buy. There are a lot of business books, but few that stand the test of time. I’ve just finished reading Guy Kawasaki’s The Art of the Start, and his book is the exception, for a number of reasons.

First of all, I use Furl to mark web pages of interest that don’t get on to my blog. My Furl page referring toKawasaki’s book has had more views than any of my other Furl pages. Kathleen Gilroy has also made positive comments about The Art of the Start, and Brendan Wilson has an overview of the book’s major principles. Therefore, I finally went out and bought the book.

This book is for anyone starting a business, or helping someone to start a business. It cuts to the chase, and unlike many other fad books, will stay on my desk as a reference for a long time. The examples are excellent, as are the templates on "how to do a pitch" and "how to write a business plan". What Kawasaki, a veteran of Apple, tells you not to do is as important as what he says you should do. This is the best $(CA)40.00 that I’ve spent for a long time.

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  1. Anonymous

    Sounds goodI had a look through the manifesto (change this?) extract and it looked good, think I might (as another aspiring consultant ;o) make the purchase!

    Thanks for the helpful comments! Cheers, James


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