University Enrolment in Atlantic Canada

On a previous post on University & College Trends, I questioned whether there was any data showing enrolment trends in Canadian universities. A recent report from the Association of Atlantic Universities shows some interesting figures. For instance, both Acadia and Mount Allison are down 7.4% and 6.8% respectively in undergraduate enrolments this past year. Overall Atlantic numbers are:

Full-time Undergraduate + 2.2%
Full-time Graduate + 1.9%
Part-time Undergraduate – 0.1
Part-time Graduate + 4%
Visa [international] students + 8.3%
Total First Year Students – 7.4%

The distribution is not even, but there appears to be a trend to more international students, which can only be beneficial for Atlantic Canada in the long run. I hope that our industries and government know how to capitalise on this.

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