A Bridge from Nowhere

Robert Paterson
has taken the chasm analogy and applied it the population of PEI. He even has a new curve to show how the Island rates. New Brunswick and many other rural regions are not much different from what Rob describes.

I said yesterday that my work focused on bridging the gap between innovators/early adopters and the pragmatic majority. Rob’s premise is that government panders to the majority and ignores the innovative. Given that innovation is the current buzzword of bureaucrats and politicians, you would think it isn’t so. To take the analogy further, PEI (and many other regions) are so focused on the pragmatic (and visionless) majority that they have forgotten that ALL of the innovation comes from the left side of the curve. It’s not just bridges across the chasm that are needed, but something has to be there to get across. Kind of scary when you think about all of the innovators leaving for places that rate higher on the Creativity Index.

Rob’s solution – “If I was King, my Population Strategy would be to build the cultural container to attract the creative to come here and to keep our best young here as well.”

If I was King …

I would limit the centralized control of departments of education, and allow for independent solutions. The government should get out of the education delivery business, and get into the supporting learning business. Let people decide the best way that they want to learn. Learning and experimenting, not Education, will breed innovation.

But I’m not King; so I guess on a local level we have to support innovative, small companies that can attract and retain a few good people. One graduate, one dropout, one entrepreneur, one SME, and one new venture at a time. Let’s continue to help these folks and that will help all of us.

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