Firefox problems

I’m having some problems with Firefox today. I can’t see my images that I have on my site, such as the one here. I have also lost the DHTML editor toolbar in Drupal. I know that it’s not a Drupal problem, because I have lost all of my Bloglines feeds too. On the other hand, everything works just fine in IE and even Opera. I have uninstalled and re-installed Firefox, but the problem continues. Any suggestions? I have already run a complete virus scan.

Update: Well it seems to be a Firefox problem and I can’t fix it. I’ve reloaded Firefox twice, even used the UK version instead of the US version. I can’t see any of my subscriptions in Bloglines and I’ve lost functions in Drupal, so it’s back to the dark side I go … Any other recommendations out there? This is weird.

Update 2: I’m now using Mozilla Navigator, and it seems to be working just fine. We’ll see.

Update 3: Have reloaded Firefox 1.0 on my XP SP2 system , but keeping Mozilla as a backup. Using shift-reload, I was able to see the functions in Drupal this time around. Didn’t work last time. Maybe it was just a chair-keyboard interface problem. Anyway, thanks for everyone’s help. Also, you may have noticed that I had allowed direct posting of anonymous comments for the last 24 hours. The online casino spammer caught on to this at 11:00 AM this morning, so they’re now turned off again.

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  1. Anonymous

    Firefox 1.0
    If you have not install Firefox 1.0, you would be well advised to stay away from it. I recently installed this crappy program and in no tine flat my FrontPage became unstable. This is definitely a Mozilla ( Godzilla type problem). My OS is XP which had no issues, since installing this big talking BS program, I can no longer preview my FrontPage pages in windows explorer. Attempts to uninstall Firefox and recover the functionality have proven futile.

    If you have not installed this big talking screw your machine up software, you would be wise to stay away from it.

  2. Anonymous

    More FFHi again, Harold,

    Don’t know why I didn’t check this for you earlier, but with FF 1.0 under XP SP2 it looks the same as it does under Mac OS X 10.3.7.

    Have you tried Mozilla? Going back to IE seems draconian…

    –CBM (writing from the relative comfort of Safari)

  3. Anonymous

    Firefox issuesfor what it’s worth, I can see your Bridging the Chasm graphic just fine in Firefox 1.0 (under Mac OS X).

    You could switch to Safari… (just kidding).

    Have you installed any Firefox extensions recently? Have you installed anything on your PC lately?


  4. Anonymous

    Firefox issues, WinNT, MacOS X okI can see the Bridging the Chasm graphic with Firefox on Windows NT and on MacOS X, as well as with Safari on MacOS X.

    – Mark Szpakowski

  5. Anonymous

    i can see itRunning XP SP2 and see you images but not all of my rss feeds are working properly. May not even be remotely related.


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