The Google Browser?

Seth Godin comments on the fact that the key developer of the open source Mozilla Firefox browser is now going to work part-time with Google:


1. Running a successful open source effort is a great idea. I can’t think of an individual who has invested the time and not had a great personal outcome as well.

2. Google understands what I failed to persuade Yahoo! of a long time ago–owning the browser is a home run. Microsoft has botched their ownership of IE, because they think like bullies, and you can’t bully consumers into doing what they don’t want to do. The idea of a Google browser is powerful from both a user and a commercial perspective, mainly because Google’s culture will make it work.

This goes to show that open source is a viable business model for the individual as well as the company, and that with the Web, corporate dominance can easily be usurped. I bet that Firefox will overtake IE in 12 months.

Don’t miss Seth’s ultimate lesson.

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