Analysis not required for traditional media

Having just discovered Michel Dumais, the author of the article comparing open source vs proprietary software costs in Le Devoir, I now find out that he is leaving the newspaper. After working there for six years, Dumais decided to leave when he was told to return to traditional technology reporting and basically “dumb-down” his articles on open source software and the impact of technology on society. He mentions being asked to focus on the hard facts of technology, and to minimize his analysis. This editorial request followed directly on Dumais’ piece about the GRICS learning portal software that I mentioned this week.

However, Dumais (also a blogger), sees all of this in a positive light, and gives his readers these parting words:

Soyez zen et gardez plutot vos énergies – continuer d’encourager l’appropriation du libre dans tous les domaines de la socièté civile, lorsqu’il est le meilleur outil disponible. Et à  surveiller de près le nid de frelons.

my translation: Be Zen-like and keep your energy to continue to support the use of open source in all sectors of civil society, wherever it is the best tool available. And keep a close eye on the hornets nest.

Merci Jacques.

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  1. Anonymous

    Markets are conversations?Interesting one-way communication piece from GRICS. I see that GRICS is a non-proft organisation, and their press release maintains that GRICS is cheaper than MILLE, and that MILLE received +$1M from the government for development. I’m sure that we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg. My initial questions are:

    Why did it take one year for the Wybo report to surface?
    How much is really at stake with this potential contract for the entire Quebec school system?
    Even if GRICS is cheaper than MILLE, what about other open source systems such as LifeRay, a web portal used by 500,000 Spanish students?

  2. Anonymous

    The Mille projectIn their press release, the GRICS takes the worst analyse of the Mille portal (with consultation time and maintenance contract) and compare it to the best analyse of GRICS portal. They also remove the mail server cost because they will propose an open source mail server solution soon.

    Even with these changes, the GRICS report presents the Mille portal cheaper than the GRICS portal.

    Note that the Mille project, with a budget of $1M in money and time contribution, release 6 sub project including:
    – open source world analyses (L’état de l’art)
    – educative portal (Mille-BV)
    – clustered version of LTSP for massive xterm deployment (Mille-XTerm)
    – a free software distribution for schools (Colibris)
    – an open source middealware (Mille-Infrastructure)
    – Economics analyses


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