Higher Ed Social Software Project

Brian Lamb at UBC has just received some funding for the development of weblogs for higher education. The project includes UVic and BCIT as partners, and Brian states;

What did we propose to do? Nothing less than creating and sharing a framework for social software applications for BC’s higher education institutions. In less grandiose terms, we have proposed to create a set of policy recommendations, tutorials, templates, and multimedia resources that can be reused by a school that wants to support weblogging and wiki use (and possibly other social software tools) for its own community. We also hope to foster a community-centered model for sharing expertise amongst practitioners attempting to develop their own projects.
We intend the project to be platform-agnostic: we will definitely be using Movable Type and Drupal, but do our best to ensure that resources we create are not tied in with any one system.

This is very refreshing to see such an initiative that includes the use of open source software, connects various systems and does not tie these academic institutions into a long-term relationship with a given technology vendor. The group now has the choice of private sector partners, without being handcuffed to any particular system. It’s about time, and it’s wonderful to see this happening in Canada 🙂

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