Marratech Free

I’ve been using the synchronous online collaboration system, Marratech, for the past six months and so far I’m pretty impressed (Disclosure: Mancomm Performance, with whom I’m associated, is a reseller of Marratech). The compression for video and audio is excellent and the latest version 5.1 comes with application sharing and co-browsing. However, some of the buttons are not the most intuitive and the built-in browser lacks some functionality.
Overall, it’s one of the better systems that I’ve used (and I’ve used many systems over the past years). The pricing model is also clear, simple and reasonable and you can even make an outright purchase, without annual license fees.
The company has recently introduced Marratech Free which is a limited version for 5 users. You can use it for a whole year so there is no reason to purchase or rent until you’ve had a good chance to test it out. This is also an excellent solution for small businesses looking for a quick and easy collaboration system with more functionality than other freeware and with a much longer trial period than the usual 15 to 30 days.

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  1. Michael

    Hello, are you a reseller of Marratech? I’m interested in purchasing the software, but it seems no one is home at Marratech. Do you have a contact email? The official sales contacts on their website are not responding. Thanks

  2. Harold

    Marratech was purchased by Google and they seem to have gone into hibernation, pending whatever Google decides to do with this technology.

    Sorry I can’t help you on this. There are several other options though, such as proprietary Elluminate or open source DimDim. I don’t represent any of these companies.


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