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Jon Husband has been discussing the limitations of job profiles and evaluations and now has asked if our methods of inquiry for knowledge work analysis are too limited. For instance:

I suggest that Know-How today is also Know-Why, and Know-Who, and Know-Now, and Know-Where-To-Find-It, and Know-When, and Know-What-If. and Know-Yourself and a wide range of contextually-defined combinations of these components of pertinent and useful information and knowledge.

Similar themes appear in books like Emotional Intelligence , Social Intelligence , Career Intelligence and A Whole New Mind. The last book can perhaps explain the current state of job analysis as it is very much a “left brain” discipline. My experience with job evaluations is that they are hoops to be jumped through and few people really pay attention to them on the job.

If job analysis/evaluation was critical to business success then all small businesses would embrace them. What works for small businesses are that relationships are personal. When the organisation becomes larger and impersonal you use a formal job classification system. When I was in the military I found the job classification and evaluation system quite inflexible and it even led to bad operational decisions. I’m not sure what the answer is, but it’s not trying to pigeon-hole everyone in a job profile. The effort put into job evaluation could instead go into targeting barriers to work performance, such as the process shown here: Analysing Performance at Work.

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