More Spam Woes

I thought that I had it all under control. Then the spammer attacked, including all kinds of PHP code to undermine the system. I thought that I could control it, so I adjusted the spam filters for URL and specific phrases. It worked for a while (about 30 minutes). Then my system (or the spammer) erased all of the accumulated comments on this website. I can’t find a single comment that has been made for the past year. For now, I’ve turned off comments altogether and I’m calling it quits for the night 🙁
Time for a beer.
Update: Tues AM, comments enabled & spam filter adjusted (thanks Boris). Now waiting to see if all those deleted comments can be retrieved. Looks like that deletion was my fault.

2 Responses to “More Spam Woes”

  1. Visitor

    > Looks like that deletion> Looks like that deletion was my fault.
    What did you do?  (ie, is it something I have to worry about doing to my own site?)

  2. Harold

    DeletionI’m not really sure what happened. I was deleting a number of spam comments and when I checked on my comments, they were gone. We were able to get back-ups up to June 2005, so I didn’t lose that many. I don’t think that you have to worry about it.


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