Small (Learning) Pieces Loosely Joined

Rob Wall talks about what he learnt after his DIY Learning presentation. In his OPML presentation (click on the page to continue the 8 page slide show) on eLearning Processes Using Small Technologies Loosely Joined, Rob quickly goes over the argument against monolithic systems that purport to do everything. The major components of small pieces for learning are – blogs, wikis and RSS. The key message here, which I agree with, is that "The components of the DIY eLearning System are the Learning Objects".

Remember – Any digital resource that can be reused to support learning
A blog is a reusable digital portfolio
  • easy content entry
  • comments and reflections by peers
  • student work is published to the world
A wiki is a reusable digital whiteboard
  • Monitor students work on reports as they are working
  • Give feedback instantaneously
  • Publish knowledge to the world

This is still a difficult message to get past many educational institutions and training organisations. You don’t have to spend a lot on the technology. You need to focus on getting the people and processes aligned so that learning happens. Save the money that you would spend on an LCMS and put it into the time to let people develop processes that work for their unique contexts.

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