Another Commons Node

I first stumbled on the idea of a work commons when I saw the San Francisco-based Gate-3 Work Commons, which is now closed because they ran out of money. I don’t know the details but it seems to have been a "build it and they will come" type of operation. Meanwhile, here in Canada, the Queen Street Commons is based on a more grassroots model. On my recent visit to PEI, I met with Robert Paterson at the QSC and saw a dynamic community. The model seems to be working. Even more recently, Boris Mann is actively pursuing the creation of an Innovation Commons in Vancouver. Early seeds are being planted for a potentially large network.
With more people working from home or having clients spread all over the world there is a growing need for work Commons to share knowledge and provide social support. The QSC is a good example of "think globally and act locally". I am still hoping to get a Commons started  in Sackville, as there is a lot of interest from the many independent contractors and artists in the community. Once we get a few more going we may have the makings of a "wirearchy" (see previous post) of Commons as a viable alternative to The Corporation. We have the technology (cheap broadband, low-cost hardware, open source software) we just need to keep working on the business models. At least there are now pioneers like QSC that we can use as examples to learn from.

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