The Future of Work

From Jon Husband comes this definition; “Wirearchy is an interconnected hyperlinked structure of negotiated (either implicit or explicit) agreements based upon accessible information and knowledge, credibility, trust and results.” Meanwhile, Small Business Trends talks about the rise of entrepreneurs, similar to the 19th Century rise of the mercantile class, while  the Future of Work blog calls for freelancers of the world to unite. All of this connects to Dan Pink’s prognosis for the coming conceptual age in A Whole New Mind, which followed his book Free Agent Nation.

In my own work, I am living much of this. I’m currently in Montreal working with Mancomm Performance, where I’m an associate. Most of my clients are looking for analysis as well as creativity. I also work and volunteer with other organisations, including a charity and an Alternative Energy Co-operative. My work roles include independent consultant, sub-contractor, asssociate or partner. My business connections are a “wirearchy” dependent on mutual trust. I have completed projects where I have never met my partners face-to-face.
I know that this work model is not pervasive, but with more downsizing, mergers, buyouts, lockouts, and other disruptions to the stability of the salaried employee, I’m betting that this will be the future for my children.

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  1. Jon Husband

    The Future of WorkI think it is the future of work too .. but I guess that’s obvious 😉

    I used to kinda be on the HR speakers’ circuit in Canada somewhat a few years ago, and muttered something or other about this stuff .. a few people thought it was interesting, and most thought i was an articulate nutcase. I probably am.


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