Learning Landscape

Jay Cross uses a landscape analogy to describe informal learning:

Courses end; learnscapes persist. Organizations and their members are living things, and the landscape/learnscape analogy invites us to consider nature, symbiosis, interconnections, genetic make-up, adaptation, the change of seasons, and life cycles. People are not plants, so the analogy doesn’t stretch into self-expression, thinking, identity, personality, and collaboration.

This got me thinking about how useful I’m finding ELGG, the learner-centric environment, which has the tagline “learning landscape”.

Elgg lets you set up a personal presence online and then use it to interact with others!

Create your own weblog, journal, store of files like photos and Word documents, communities, social networks.

Use Elgg to enhance reflective thought, your development, your resource base.

Share them with your friends, teachers, instructors and other Elgg users. YOU decide who can see what!

Unfortunately, since no one can pronounce or understand the name ELGG (I’m told it’s a Swiss deer), I suggest a petition to change the name to “learning landscape” or something like that. It looks like ELGG is making very exciting progress and it will be a heck of a lot easier for me to convince my clients to use it if they can pronounce it 😉

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  1. Dave Tosh

    Name changeHi Harold,
    This is an interesting post about changing the name of Elgg. It is true that we do get many people emailing to ask what it is an acronym for – in fact this is probably our biggest request 🙂
    In a strange sort of way it seems to generate some discussion.
    I guess the problem we have is that Elgg, although not widely known, is still building a bit of a following and to be honest we are not very good at choosing names so are not sure what we would call it if not Elgg.
    It does concern me that a name actually makes it harder to get people to try it out – perhaps we should set up a poll on elgg.net to gauge wider opinion.


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