Canada Best for Starting a New Business

Via Dane, is the World Bank Group’s Doing Business analysis of where in the world is best for private enterprise. Canada ranks first for ease in starting a new business.
So what are you waiting for? Come on over and start a new business. Maybe here in downtown Sackville, population 5,000, complete with a university and only 20 minutes from an airport, with direct flights to Toronto & Montreal and next year to New York. I just need a few more people to help me start a work commons 🙂

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  1. Des Walsh

    Canada Best for Starting a New Business

    I’ve always been impressed by the argument put by your Canadian consular and trade reps in Australia that for any of us Australians (or Kiwis for that matter) looking at marketing our goods or services to North America, locating ourselves or part of our operation in Canada makes more sense than trying to establish a base in the USA. With our shared British Commonwealth membership, and related familiarities in parliamentary and legal systems, there is presumably less culture shock to distract us from the business of doing business.

  2. Harold

    Natural linksYes, I try to convince our trade folks here that we should concentrate less on the US market and look at our more natural connections, such as Europe (especially francophone countries) as well as the Commonwealth. Canada can also be a good place to set up a company if you want a closer connection to the entire North American market.
    Canada and Australia have similar communications challenges as well (large countries with large, sparsely populated areas) which makes the Net a natural place for us.


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