School & Reality – Disconnected

Many of us have anecdotes about the problems encountered in our school systems – public and private. Here is an example of a real, science-based, disconnect:

It’s a bit ironic that when scientists need to study how people learn in the fMRI scanner, it’s almost the complete opposite to how students are taught in the classroom. For researchers to see brain changes associated with learning, they have to provide regular feedback about errors; whereas in the classroom, the ‘learning’ process is mostly watching and listening passively.

The Eide Neurolearning blog is an excellent resource that shows the science of how the brain actually works. Written by Doctors Fernette and Brock Eide who "are strong advocates for neurologically-based approaches to learning and learning differences", this blog and its accompanying site are a must read for anyone interested in how the brain works and how this relates to learning. At ISPI, we are constantly urged to base our work on sound science. This is some of it.

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