UNESCO Open Educational Resources Conference

Like Stephen Downes, I have had difficulty getting into this UNESCO conference on Open Educational Resources (open content for higher education) – lterally and figuratively.

Because of this rather large number, participants have been split into two groups:

* one group can send and receive messages (members selected to balance geographic participation);

* the other group will receive daily digests of the messages to read.

I am in the second group, so I get to receive the e-mails, which after the first week are about a dozen and some of these include an additional dozen attachments. All of the comments take a lot of time to sift through and I thought that I’d be able to summarize them and put them on this blog. Unfortunately I haven’t had the time or the discipline to do this, but Joe Hart has, so you can read his summary instead. Here’s one of his summary comments after week one:

It is important in our forum to recognize that online universal higher education is not a utopia, that it is not a threat to established education, that it is a great opportunity for producers and users alike, and that these messages should be conveyed to governments, universities, and other organizations.

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