Gatekeepers or Guides?

There’s a lot of hype around Web 2.0 (AKA the social or two-way web). Some see it as the next business opportunity while others view it as the answer to all of our problems. Certainly there is a communications revolution happening right now. Educators, businesses and yes even consultants, are floundering about. Many of us, in a McLuhanesque way, are driving into the future while looking in the rear view mirror. How many people in positions of authority, power, management and consultation are acting as gatekeepers rather than guides?
These thoughts were triggered by Leigh Blackall’s photographs that have been mixed with Web 2.0 themes. If you don’t get this stuff, then watch the slideshow and let the right side of your brain absorb it.
Sometime in the next few years, it will become obvious which way we should have turned. Our schools will be different, or non-existent, and our economies and environments will have gone through enormous changes. In the near future, younger generations are going to make things happen that many of us cannot fathom at this time. How will they view us then? Will we be remembered for our vision and support or for our near-sightedness and stubbornness?

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