Mancomm provides GPL Calendar to Elgg

Mancomm Performance Inc of Montreal (with whom I’m associated), have recently developed a calendar function for the elgg learning landscape system. The calendar plug-in allows multiple users to post events to a common calendar and in typical Elgg fashion restrict access by group, community or public/private. In the spirit of the open source community, Mancomm paid for the development of this software but has released it under the GPL. From the elgg developer blog:

We developed the ‘calendar’ unit for some of our customers, so that they can share their events with their Elgg friends, as well and in the same manner as they share existing blog posts and so on. We are now sharing (GPL) our calendaring unit with the larger Elgg community, as one good turn deserves another. :-)”

Yes, it is possible to be a small company, use open source software, give back to the community and still be profitable.

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