It’s still very new with not much content, but James Farmer has one more website to his credit – The premise is: is a site devoted to the responsible use of blogs, instant messaging and other social software in schools.
Non scholae sed vitae discimus
We learn, not for school, but for life – Seneca, Epistulae
We believe that these tools and resources should not be blocked or banned from schools. As educators, we should be familiarising learners with these technologies, supporting and facilitating their responsible use and equipping our students with the skills to keep them safe and savvy in the online world.
However, at the moment, many schools are simply closing their eyes, banning these technologies and doing their learners a disservice in the process.

Seneca’s words ring true for me, and I’m glad to see that James has taken this initiative. Enough of what educators want, let’s focus on what learners need, because Seneca was right.

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  1. James Farmer

    Credit to you for theCredit to you for the excellent name choice! I wouldn’t say we’ve launched quite yet… perhaps half way 😉


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