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David Tosh, Ben Werdmuller & Misja Hoebe have launched Curverider today. This is a services company built around the Elgg Learning Landscape open source learning platform. I have been a proponent of this business model for a couple of years and it’s good to see that others view it as viable. What’s great about Curverider is that the developers are supporting their own code but have also involved a growing community so that it’s more than just three guys in a garage (not that they work in a garage). For instance, look at how Mancomm, a private company,  paid for the development of a calendar function that is now in the latest version of Elgg.
For the end-user, this business model is a dream. You can get the developers to support you, but if your needs change or you want to work with someone else you are free to leave with your source code.
Customers are not handcuffed to their technology providers. I believe that this industry model will encourage more innovation and that companies like Curverider will prosper based on the value of their services.
Dave and his team have also created a resource site for Elgg learning landscape that shows what’s happening in terms of development.

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  1. Martin G. Smith

    Curverider sounds incredible even to an analog human like me. I have tried to access their site to no avail but will keep trying to find out more.

    Martin G. Smith – Victoria/Hesquait B.C

    At the bottom of the Pyramid, the only place to fall is up.


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