simply PKM

PKM = personal knowledge mastery

Why is PKM necessary?

Most of us work with others. We cannot do everything alone. We need advice and guidance on complex matters. This requires a knowledge network. We most readily take advice from people we trust. By building a network and getting to know people with expertise we can learn and have access to knowledge beyond ours. Successful people have diverse, but select professional social networks.

How do I master PKM?

Start with the three core perspectives of PKM: seek > sense > share.

  • Continuously seek out people and knowledge to improve the breadth and diversity of your knowledge networks.
  • Experiment on a regular basis to try out new practices in order to learn by doing.
  • Make sense of your life and work by making your thoughts explicit (sense-making). Review these from time to time.
  • Seek out communities of peers that will enable you to improve your professional practices.
  • Share your learning with discretion at work, in your communities of practice, and with your social networks.

How do I get started?

Read more about PKM

Watch a video of a 2017 presentation

Start with simple regular practices, like social bookmarks or following people with a certain expertise on Twitter.

Try a new (seeking, sense-making, or sharing) learning tool for at least 40 days and evaluate its usefulness.

Participate in a PKM workshop

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