Moving to WordPress

On Monday, March 6th, I’m moving this website and blog to a new WordPress installation. The URL will remain the same.

There will be a different look and structure, but all of the previous posts will be carried over and permalinks will work. I’ve been testing it this week with Tantramar Interactive and everything seems to work fine. We even think that the RSS feeds will continue to work, but just in case – you may lose this blog in your aggregator. If you subscribe to my blog feed ( you might have some difficulties, though we are re-pointing these feeds. If you subscribe to the main feed ( you should be OK. There will be only one main feed on the new site, plus a comment feed (something new for me).

I will also be closing off comments as of Monday morning, so that we can transfer all of the data.

This is post #700 and after two years I figure that it’s time for a change. I’ll try to keep these transfers down to every two years 😉

Update: It’s Monday morning and the comment function is now disabled. It’s good timing because this site has been under “comment spam” attack from IP address for the past 48 hours.

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