Elgg update

I’m a great fan of the Elgg learning landscape and feel that this blogging, eportfolio, social networking platform is an excellent vehicle for informal learning and filling in the cracks created by those pesky LMS/LCMS that academic institutions insist on using.

This past year David Tosh and the Elgg community have been busy with several upgrades to the system. For instance, the Elgg-Moodle integration is moving ahead, as is Elgg-WebCT. Other improvements are listed on the Elgg roadmap. Another great resource is the University of Leeds Tour of Elgg and overview of blogging tutorial.

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  1. Joan Vinall-Cox

    I really like Elgg, too, and used (with great success) an Elgg Community Blog with my students this past term.

    Thanks for linking to the “University of Leeds Tour of Elgg and overview of blogging tutorial” – my students in the fall term will be grateful for the explanations.


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