A First Principle for the Learning Vocation

Christian Long has posed a thoughtful question at the end of this post on learning, education and schooling.

So, here’s my challenge back to you and all others who are even mildly interested:

Show me the spirit of learning first. Follow its path. Follow the learners where they take you. Then, and only then, begin to show me and tell me and demonstrate in real time what those programs and those places and those calendars of ‘school’ are…and then perhaps, out of the corner of my eye, begin to highlight the emerging networks of ‘education’ that loosely draw them together. But if learning is not front and center, the learner leading the charge, and the path discoved en route, then there is no more need to argue the semantics of “industry” or “industrious”. The later is inate. The former irrelevant. And we’ll all ring around the rosey, ashes ashes, we all fall down.

Christian has put forth what I would call a first principle, from which our actions should follow – “learning front and center”.

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