Skyping & Learning

Yesterday was a skype-filled day. It started with a conference call for seven people to discuss a new business idea. During the session I learned that the skype conference limit of 5 people can be doubled if the host uses an Intel dual core processor.

Later in the day I hosted a skypecast for our Unworkshop where we discussed podcasting and had a great conversation about wikis in the enterprise with Peter Kaminski of Socialtext.

At the end of the day I joined the regular Thursday EdTech Brainstorm where the conversation ranged from learning scripting languages to blogs in school. There is still a need for more “how-to” resources for those interested in using the Web for learning. Some of the casting resources discussed were:

We also talked about various platforms for web-based learning and blogging and these applications seem to be the current leaders of the open source pack:

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