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I’ve been using SmartDraw since 2003 when I first looked for a Visio replacement to create diagrams and other visual graphics. My initial search had me looking for something cheaper than Visio, and at the time, SmartDraw was about 75% cheaper. I purchased SmartDraw 6, actually wrote an unpaid endorsement for the product and became a beta tester for SmartDraw 7, for which I received a free copy of that version – a good deal. I’m also an affiliate which means that I can refer potential customers and receive a small commission for my efforts. Since SmartDraw is a small company with what I consider a good product, I don’t mind this relationship.

After downloading 2007, I found it to be a quantum leap beyond the previous versions. It is much more intuitive and I was creating floor plans in minutes (my next task on our Commons project). I had tried with the previous version but it was a heck of a lot more work. I should add that if you create drawings in the new SmartDraw 2007 you won’t be able to open them in SD version 7, even though they each have the same *.sdr extension.

So what are the pros and cons here? First, SmartDraw has reduced their free trial period from 30 days to 7 days. I don’t think that this is enough time to really evaluate it. The 30 day free trial for version 6 helped me to decide to purchase it. As for price, SmartDraw 2007 is currently selling for $197 ($100 off until 7 Nov). That compares with Visio Professional at $499 or $199 for Visio standard. We cheapskates also have another free, less featured, online product available called Gliffy, and yes it does floor plans. Anyway, you have several choices.

You can check out SmartDraw 2007 by clicking on the picture below and I’ll receive a small commission if you decide to purchase it (thanks if you do).


From feedback on this post as well as some e-mails I’ve received, I’d say that one of SmartDraw’s main drawbacks is that it’s not flexible for people who do intensive graphics, and they may prefer something like Adobe Illustrator. Personally, I use Gimp (free & open source) if I need to do any serious graphic editing. A couple of people have said that they are having difficulty removing SmartDraw from their Windows PC’s but I didn’t experience any problems. SmartDraw is a good tool if you need more than an online application like Gliffy, but you don’t create large diagrams that may need two monitors. Basically, SmartDraw is a mid-level application, with lots of built-in features that advanced users may find a pain (similar to the way that professional photographers don’t like automatic cameras).

Update 2:

Tony [see comments # 26, 27, 28 & 30)] has set up a Google Group, Drawing-Smartly, to discuss drawing programs (including but not limited to SmartDraw). I think it will be a better medium than this blog post, so please join if you’re interested in learning more

Final (I hope) Update: There is now a SmartDraw Blog to voice your opinions.

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  1. Chris

    I have been using a Mac drawing program for a few years now from Omni called OmniGraffle. It comes in standard and pro versions, and it’s just the thing for small illustration projects (for which Adobe Illustrator, which I love, is often overkill).

    I used to use PowerPoint for these kinds of charts and diagrams, but OmniGraffle is the real deal:

    The standard version of OmniGraffle came free with my last two PowerBooks (2003, 2006); I don’t know if it’s still bundled with the MacBooks…

  2. Teresa

    I downloaded the trial version, and now cannot get it off my computer. I re installed thinking maybe that would help, but no g. I am going to have to wipe my hard drive to get rid of it, a royal pain in the you know what.

  3. Harold

    Not sure what the problem is. I’ve downloaded & deleted v. 2007 myself (pending a later purchase). If you’re a Windows user, did you delete from the control panel?

  4. Tom

    I have been a heavy user of SmartDraw through version 6 & 7. I started using it for efficiency: it was fast to load and I could very quickly create graphic representations of ideas or documentation for software design, cabling layouts, etc. V2007 appears to load more slowly and the new large fixed window header significantly reduces my drawing area when I have SD sized to share the screen with other apps (a common configuration for me).
    Maybe I am unique in my use of this software but I have returned my copy of 2007 and hope that SD comes back to its roots!

  5. Harold

    Interesting point, Tom. I didn’t notice any speed issues, as I’ve just upgraded my computer, so everything is faster.

  6. John

    I’m with Tom – I too upgraded for v6 and had to roll back within a couple of weeks. Running a laptop at 1024×768, I found the drawing area far too small. There was no support for dual monitors so I couldn’t run the application on my larger second screen. I also found the inability to collapse any of the toolbars a real problem. When working with complex flow-chats I need to be able to see more than just two boxes. It seems the users have been forgotten in favour of looking pretty and beating MS Office to the ribbon toolbar.

  7. Lucy B.

    I was very close to buying the SmartDraw 2007 software, but then I found these review comments at the following site (

    “Old version offered image editing. New version takes this away. Along with image frames and many other useful tools that helped put pictures into smartdraw. Nope, you can’t add your pictures to your Smartdraw images anymore.

    Old version had biology and many science icons. New version takes these away.”

    As a scientist (biologist) often doing presentations to peer groups and the public, both of these features would be important to me. Can you comment on whether the above limitations truly exist in the new SD 2007 software?

    Many thanks.

  8. Harold

    Lucy, the new version still allows a copy and paste function, like the older versions did:

    For a list of SD templates, go to:

    It looks like they have moved your templates to the Healthcare edition (more money of course):

    What I’ve experienced with SmartDraw is that they continue to add free templates every few months over the lifetime of the software.

  9. Kimberly Jimenez

    I am a new user of SD 2007. I use it to make sales maps and created one using a sales map template. It worked great except the state of TX is giving me problems?? I can’t select it to make changes. All the other states are not giving me any problems. I can’t find any troubleshooting tips in the help section. It’s almost like when it is shrunk to a certain size, you can’t select it anymore to make changes???

  10. Ed :earmed

    I’ve been a devoted SmartDraw user for years, but 2007 truely disappointed me. I ordered it without trialing, just based on past experience with SmartDraw and it’s excellent track record.

    The new version moves like sledge on my machine, the new interface is terrible compared to the old one. I feel I have to fight it every step of the way. Also, as mentioned above, the loss of image editing, and the fact that I can’t easily port over all my old libraries is unexcusable. I had to go into each library and move each stencil individually to a document, then create new libraries from them. After doing all that, I ended up moving back to the old version just froma pure usability view.

    SmartDraw, your product manager better take a close look at his target market. I see you going the way of PaintShop Pro, and becoming another dust collector in the corner.

  11. Harold

    Well, Ed; perhaps the SD Product Manager reads this blog. Too bad SmartDraw doesn’t offer a blog to have this conversation. Would be something for any company to consider.

  12. Paul Stannard

    As the creator and CEO of SmartDraw I thought I would reply to the comments posted here. First of all it’s nice to see feedback from users both negative and positive. We get lots of comments sent directly to us (with free tech support) and we take them seriously.

    I’ll address a few specifics first and then talk about the changes we made in SmartDraw 2007 in more general terms. Please excuse the length of this post, but I am playing catchup.

    1. Installing any version of SmartDraw puts an “uninstall” command on the Start menu and in the control panel. This usually works – completely removing the program. Perhaps our tech support ( can help Teresa.

    2. Some of you have complained about screen real estate and the drawing area.
    The original release of SmartDraw 2007 did not allow you to close the symbol panel on the left of the drawing area. This was because in our user testing, new users often closed this and could never figure out how to open it again. However several of our long-time users complained (quite passionately) and so we changed it within a couple of weeks.

    Some of you have also criticized the ribbon at the top of the screen. The new ribbon only takes 50 pixels more than the old interface. Since all of the commands are in the top ribbon area it makes no sense to hide this.

    The trade off here is seeing more of the commands in front of you instead of digging in menus and dialogs. Try the new Office 2007 interface. It seems strange at first but within a week or two of using it you wont want to go back. I think you’ll find the same thing with SmartDraw 2007. In fact the debate about ribbons reminds me of the debate about the Windows interface compared with DOS in 1990. Lot’s of expert DOS users felt that the menus and dialogs slowed them down compared to the keyboard commands they were used to – and we know how that turned out.

    3. We took out the Image Plug-In – again usability testing lead to this decision – total confusion – but at the same time made it easier to work with Photos in SmartDraw 2007. Now every shape is a version 7 “photoframe” – no artificial distinction. You can add your photos as new shapes, insert them into existing shapes and the crop automatically, rotate them, flip them and put them into table cells. Other than editing the “Bits” (which you can do outside the program) SmartDraw 2007 handles photos much better than any previous version.

    4. Science and Math – still very much alive in SmartDraw 2007. The only change (other than improvements to the collection) is that the extensive collection of anatomic symbols we have were greatly expanded and moved to the Healthcare solution. We have to pay hefty royalties for these and so we charge an extra $99 for this solution.

    5. Version 7 libraries. These do of course transfer to 2007. Copy them using the file system to the Application Data/SmartDraw/My Symbols folder in your Documents and Settings. All custom libraries are now placed here so that they can easily and automatically transfer to new versions so this should be the last time upgraders will have to deal with this issue. The only wrinkle is a limitation (to be removed in our next patch) that requires you to create a new empty library before the library tree refreshes and recognizes that they are there.

    6. Texas Map. I just tried this and it seemed OK but I’m probably not using the right map. Kimberly email tech support at

    So what’s behind the changes in SmartDraw 2007?
    Our goal is to make it easy for anyone (not just graphic designers and expert computer users) to create professional-quality business graphics in minutes – no experience necessary. We are not trying to be a Visio, Illustrator or any of the dozens of other graphics programs most people find difficult to use.

    To see how we were doing we arranged with users to watch them use SmartDraw using WebEx. Wow! Version 7 was still too difficult to use for most users. So we made some major changes:

    1. We redesigned the interface and tested it with real users until most people did find it easy to get their work done. We used the ribbons, not because we wanted to copy Office 2007 but because they ARE easier to use than the old Windows95 interface.

    2. We added SmartTemplates, with SmartPanels that capture the essential steps for creating a particular kind of graphic into six buttons. There 33 different SmartPanels in 2007 – for flowcharts, orgcharts, calendars – you name it.

    3. We completely redesigned the graphic engine to use GDI+ (the more advanced Windows graphics engine introduced in Windows XP) so that we could create more professional looking output with anti-aliasing, transparency, nice soft shadows and other effects. The results are stunning. I encourage you to try this out.

    I could go on and on. SmartDraw 2007 is the biggest change we have ever made to SmartDraw and it was done to fulfill our mission (to make it easy for anyone to create professional-quality business graphics in minutes). We tested it with real users and yes they got results quicker and they looked better.

    Sure there are tradeoffs. The new graphics are more CPU intensive than before but as Harold points out with a recent computer this is not an issue.

    SmartDraw 2007 has been a great success. We sold more upgrades more quickly than every before and we are selling more new copies too, but we sure like feedback and constructive criticism so keep it coming.

    I hope this helps readers understand our motivation.

  13. Madison Pruet

    I’ve used SmartDraw for several years. I’m having a lot of difficulty with the new 2007 version because it is not producing anything as nearly precise as what I’ve been able to produce with prior versions. Even if I select basic black for text, lines and borders, it seems that everything is coming out sort of a fuzzy blue/grey. That is significantly reducing the usability in creating diagrams for clients. Anyone else seend this behaviour?

  14. Sun

    I also have loved SmartDraw in the past. I installed the new version and my initial reaction of joy has been replaced with disappointment.

    The negatives for me;
    1. Working area! Way too small! And why are we now stuck with choosing a paper size? that’s very limiting!
    2. Buggy! I learnt early to keep saving as I worked. I thought I was onto it. When SD crashed again I thought “no, problem. I’ll just start from my last save”. It was gone! several hours work lost when the file came back it was an hours earlier version!!
    3. The new UI might be good for newbies, but what about settings for something resembling the classic interface?

    I’m sorry Mr. Stannard, but SD2007 needs a critical review and update for it to continue being my software of choice. :o(

    PS: I do like the new graphics though!!

  15. Robin

    Just used the trial version. Never used SD before but in about 3 hours from download I produced a decision tree to support a meeting I had the next day to explain something complex. My only ‘intuitive’ challenge ( bearing in mind I didn’t read any of the instructions) was moving chunks of drawing around together – I’m sure it can do it… Thanks to Paul for his comments ( I was a bit disturbed by the blog grumbles) – a measured response, enough for me to buy it, even if the trial’s a bit short! Cheers.

  16. enigmaesq

    To uninstall SD 2007 when the uninstall will not work and the add/remove option will not work either.

    open the cmd window
    cd to the location where sd 2007 was installed
    perform the following command:
    unwise install.log

    SD 2007 cannot remember where it was installed.

    Bad software – poor Quality Control

  17. Alvin

    I am using the new SD2007 trial version and was amazed how it really get an edge over MS Visio. At first, i really enjoyed using it and told my colleagues to try it out. But when i was tasked to produce a simple flowchart diagram using all the available templates, I was so disappointed with how sluggish my laptop become. The drawing itself is invisible when it reach a very high memory consumption but you can tell that your drawing is there. Is there a solution for this? I am using a laptop with 1G RAM and 80G HDD. Using windows xp pro sp2. Please help as i like this software better than MS Visio.

  18. Hubertus von Bergmann

    I did purchase Smartdraw 2007 for my students and myself recently and again because of very positive experience with earlier versions did not make use of the trial offer. Unfortunately I have to say that I am considering to move back to Version 7, even if I do loose some of the improvements added in version 2007 and for which I did purchase the new version. My main reasons for this are:
    1. Reduced workspace. I don’t know, where Harold gets his 50 pixel story from, I measure 110 pixels in Vers. 7 (or 55 without toolbar) and 240 in Vers. 2007!
    2. Converting drawings and symbols created in earlier versions of Smartdraw generates a large number of errors (changes of hatching, rotation of objects, etc.) which are difficult and time consuming to fix. For me missing backward compatibility can not be excused. Complaining to Smartdraw Support about this gets you the answers that this caused by the new drawing rendering engine and if you have sensitive data, keep a Vers. 7 running on your computer.
    3. Several commands can only be accessed through the Vers. 7 menu bar at the top (e.g. HELP Content, Hairlines, Border Style, etc.)

    My main problem, however, is the reduced workspace, which can not be changed by work-arounds.

  19. Harold

    Hubertus; thanks for the comment. The 50 pixel story is from Paul Stannard, CEO of SmartDraw, not me.

    Alvin; sorry I can’t help you on this, as I don’t even use SD 2007, given the number of negative comments on this post.

    All of the comments on this post show that SmartDraw needs to engage its customers in real conversations about its product. This has become the default SmartDraw complaint forum because the company is obviously too scared to actually talk to its customers. I predict that this will be to the detriment of the company.

    Dear Paul: Get a blog and start talking to your customers! If you don’t believe me then read Scoble’s book, “Naked Conversations”.

  20. M.E.

    Like most SmartDraw users who have actually done real work with this software, I have to say SmartDraw 2007 is a step back as far as productivity/advanced design capability is concerned. It looks better, but that’s about it.

    I have Smardraw 6 and 7. I loved how quickly you could become productive using these two versions. Smardraw 2007 on the other hand, with its ribbon, disastrously small workspace, several functions cut out [perhaps I just can’t find them, but I doubt it] and being slowwwwwwwwwww, warrants thumbs down. I have an AMD 3000+, overclocked at 3400, 128MB Nvidia Video Card, DDR500 RAM… which should be more than enough for comfortable loading/use. It doesn’t seem to be.

    I particularly dislike the fact that the icons/functions/menus can’t be customized [why not? Is this the year 2007AD or 1507AD? I’d like to be able to put every function there is, where I want it – when will that be implemented? Never?], the auxiliary section on the left hand side cannot be resized, only removed [I could resize it in SD 7], the help section cannot be resized, the ribbon cannot be minimized/(auto)hidden… this is stupid.

    Why not include the classical view, if you choose to go with the ribbon? Clearly there is a disproportionately large number of disappointed users of this upgrade, compared to SD 6 to 7 upgrade for instance.

    Which would – if I was the SmarDraw boss – make me think.

    People at Odessa Corp. [developer of Concept Draw] must be smiling…

  21. Kim Madsen

    I was also disappointed after just upgrading from SD 6 to SD 2007.

    In less than 1 hour, it consumed more than 1.3gb memory which resulted in loss of work and crashes.

    Its too sluggish even at start… is it written in .Net? (certainly looks like it)

    I certainly hope for an update fixing the crashes and the excessive memory consumption.

    If these problems were fixed, I would probably get used to the altered layout, and could probably live with the loss of some themes I dont use anyway.

    best regards
    Kim Madsen

  22. Harold

    Here’s an e-mail comment from Pete Burnett of Charlotte, NC:

    I have been a loyal Smart Draw customer for several years now. I purchased versions 6 & 7.

    I tried SD 2007 when it first came out and didn’t like it for reasons I can’t exactly recall but after trying it for an hour or so I quickly unloaded it and am back to using version 7.

    They have now sent me a 60 day free trial offer and a $99.00 price to upgrade. But, if I can’t open any work that I create for 60 days back in my version 7 then that makes the trial not very attractive.

    Versions 6 & 7 have bugs and annoyances too. For example, I might have a bunch of text boxes with arrows pointing to various things. Every text box is sized how I want it. Then when I hit “Spell Check” on one box it then goes and spell checks all the boxes and resizes them causing me to have to go back through and redo everything. Often I just do “Select All” then to the text menu and resize them all back to neutral that way.
    I wrote Smart Draw about it not long ago and they said it was a known bug but didn’t offer much else as far as when a fix could be expected.

    I offered to do beta testing for them in exchange for a free version of SD 2007, but no response from them. That didn’t go well with me being a loyal customer and multiple purchaser. They can easily look it up to see my track record. I have even sent them examples of my work and praising them as well as making suggestions, they never responded. No customer likes getting the cold shoulder. Here I am buying multiple versions of the program, frequently sending in suggestions and trying to help them and they blow me off when I offer them more free help and testing. I use this product almost every day! Dumb move from a business stand point. But now I’m probably glad that I didn’t get involved with SD2007 from reading other’s reviews.

    Another annoyance: Say I have a text box and an arrow. Both carefully positioned where I want them. The text box is brought to front so it’s over the arrow hiding the stem. I go to make a change to the arrow then it brings it to the front when I did not tell it to. I then have to go and replace the text box back to front. This is annoying.

    If you type anything in the text box after you set the size, the text box size changes for no reason – annoying.

    If you insert a large photo, the program slows down to a jerky crawl. Not really useable unless you reduce size. I have a recent computer and thought that maybe it was just because I was using an older computer but not so, still does same performance.

    I have contacted Smart Draw quite a bit over the years whenever I find an annoying bug and also asking for a few very simple features for contractors but they are not responsive to that.

    I agree – for a small company with a potentially good product, they seem to have issues regarding engaging and working with loyal customers and implementing feedback. This is now causing them to get negative feedback on the net and that can kill a small company. Although the CEO coming on and explaining a few things did help damage control in my mind anyway. It helped.

    Don’t get me wrong, there are some very useful features in Smart Draw but it seems like there is a lot of fluff too, stuff that I don’t need and will never use. But I’m trying to give Smart Draw every chance. They just don’t seem to want it.

    I am a contractor and use SD almost exclusively for making photo diagrams (diagramming in photos). Some are fairly simple and others more complex. If anyone knows of another good program to do drawings in photos that I should try, please let me know at

  23. Tony

    I also have been a SD user for probably 6 years. I’m toughing it out with SD2007 to give it a chance to see if I can do my work productively.

    Along with the trade-offs mentioned previously, my main beef is lack of keyboard shortcuts. When typing text, it sure would be handy if I could just press ALT and a keyboard letter to make menu choices. Using Alt-keycombinations is so much faster and efficient than stopping, grabbing the mouse, find menu, click, click, re-position fingers on keyboard, etc. I could go back to the classic menu but that defeats the purpose of the ribbon.

    I’ll send a suggest to SD to see if they can implement keyboard shortcuts. Unless I’m missing something?


  24. Tony

    Response from SmartDraw on keyboard shortcuts.
    Here is a list of the current SmartDraw 2007 keyboard shortcuts:

    Command Key stroke

    New Document Ctrl+N
    Open File Ctrl+O
    Save Document Ctrl+S
    Print Document Ctrl+P
    Undo Ctrl+Z
    Redo Ctrl+Y
    Cut Ctrl+X
    Copy Ctrl+C
    Paste Ctrl+V
    Format Paint Multiple Shift+Format Painter
    Select All Ctrl+A
    Duplicate Ctrl+D
    Select Multiple Shift+Click
    Group Ctrl+G
    Ungroup Ctrl+Shift+G
    Change Font Ctrl+F (? same as Find? -Tony)
    Bold Ctrl+B
    Underline Ctrl+U
    Italics Ctrl+I
    Zoom Out Ctrl+Zoom Tool
    Format Table Ctrl+R
    Save Template Changes Ctrl+Q
    Find Ctrl+F
    Replace Ctrl+H
    Create Hyperlink Ctrl+K
    HTML Help F1

  25. Tony

    Re: Image frames.
    True the ability to edit images is gone in SD2007 but I found the image editor was really slow to open anyways. I prefer to use either Picasa or Paint Shop Pro to edit images. As was mentioned earlier, the shape objects (rectangle, circle, ellipse, etc) in SD2007 all will take photos. To insert an image, left click the shape then right click on one of the corner handle bars and you get a long list of options include “insert picture”. Works great and the picture fits within the shape outline whether round, elliptical, or other.

    Something weird though, if you right click anywhere in an empty shape, you get a different, much more limited context menu. But if there is text typed into the shape, when you right click on the shape, you get the the expanded context menu. If the shape is brand new and empty, you get another menu. You have to right click on a handlebar to get the expanded menu.

    I would like to see some resolution to the large area that the ribbon menu takes out of the work area. Not only the ribbon menu, but the menu at the top of each work area containing the icons for entering text, a shape, a line, and for controlling zoom.

    Given there are no discussion forums (aside from this one) for SD2007, are there any downsides to just setting one up, say in Google Groups, for more extended discussions?


  26. Harold

    Tony, I think that your idea of setting up a discussion forum is a good idea, as this isn’t really the best medium for a multi-way discussion. I can add a link from the main post as well.

  27. Tony

    Hi Harold,
    OK, thanks for the vote. Check out a new group at I’ve used a generic name and set up the site to discuss drawing programs generally just to avoid any infringement on the Smart Draw name or giving the impression of an affiliation with Smart Draw. Hopefully it’ll be a place where Smart Draw users gravitate.


  28. Luis

    If you can’t remove Smartdraw 2007 via the control panel do this:
    Click on Start->Run and type cmd (a command prompt will open). At the cmd promt type (you can cut and paste): “Program FilesSmartDraw 2007Unwise.exe” /Z
    A promt looking for INSTALL.log will open. Go to C:Program FilesSmartDraw 2007 and select INSTALL.log and click OK.

    This should remove it from your PC

  29. AM

    I downloaded the SmartDraw 2008 trial version to my newer Win Vista PC. I’m on the 2nd day of the trial, and am trying to uninstall it. I have Admin rights on the machine, but the Unwise wizard is telling the software was installed under an administrator account, and won’t let me uninstall it. I get the same results whether I go thru the Control Panel ‘Uninstall’ option, run “unwise.exe install.log” in the SmartDraw 2008 folder, or select the ‘Uninstall’ option from the Start/All Programs/SmartDraw menu.
    Any clues why this uninstall thinks I’m not an admin on my Vista machine now?

  30. Paul Stannard

    Hi Harold:

    I thought you might be interested to know that SmartDraw has a blog:

    I should point out this the focus of this blog is the application of business graphics and best practices in using them, rather than SmartDraw itself, but feedback is welcome.

  31. N Badayos

    to uninstall the thing, go to accessories, find the command prompt icon, right click on it and look for ‘run as administrator’. Then run ‘unwise.exe’ from the smartdraw folder–that took a while for me to figure out, phew!

  32. Jim Baldwin

    An even easier uninstall solution for the vista administrator rights problem is to go start-all programs-smartdraw and then right click on the uninstall icon and select “run as administrator”.

  33. T Bennett

    Well I have been playing with the trial version of smart draw 2008 for the the past day. I cant say that I can compare to previous versions but I can say I have found it so much easier to use than the competition. I also like the fact it is a reasonable price. As I am familiar with the toolbar in word 2007 I have found it to be very easy to use. I have just purchased a copy. I had no problems uninstalling the trial version off my vista machine.

  34. steve alderson

    jim baldwins a hero. thanks to him i got this piece of excrement of my pc. do not down load the trial version of this program

  35. Sumit

    I just purchased SmartDraw 2008 and found some major limitations:

    – Cannot use CTRL+Scroll (mouse) for zooming
    – Cannot resize an object about its centre. It alway resizes about a corner
    – Right mouse click does not feature group/ungroup or such common features
    – Layering is not the same as Visio. It is rather temporary unless you save each layer as pdf for later viewing or reference.

  36. Colleen

    I tried the trial version, and created a form. This was my first time using this product. It was pretty easy to use. I went on vacation, and came back, now my trial version has expired, and I am not impressed with it enough to spend the $199 on it….but I do need my form. I cant open it with any other programs…any suggestions? I deleted it from my computer and tried to download the trial version again, and it wont let me…tells me I need to purchase it. Is it detecting my pc? I am not very computer smart, but I do need help, thank you for anything you can direct me to do.

  37. Jeff Miller

    Thanks to Jim Baldwin I was able to easily remove the SmartDraw 2008 trial version from my Vista Business machine. Thanks Jim!

  38. Matthew

    I downloaded the 2008 version, then tried to uninstall !!! I also had problems removing it . Only just found this site and have now been able to remove this software which i must say looked good, but has its issues 2.

    i used windows explorer to find directory name and copied path
    went to run then cmd
    pasted in path
    then typed unwise install.log

    worked for me


  39. Rick

    Have tried every solution posted here and still can’t remove the 2007 trial edition from my Windows XP Home.Someone pleeeaaasseee give a detailed easy step by step solution to this problem.


  40. Anna

    Does anyone else find it ridiculous that Smartdraw decided not to include Eritrea or Djibouti on the world map?

  41. Andrew

    Had SD 2007. Really tried to get into it but in the end it was so slow and jerky that I had to uninstall it. (BTW, I have a brand new computer top of the range computer with 4Gb RAM, top graphics card and yet it was still painfully slow.) In the end I got fed up and uninstalled it, which in itself was a problem. What a relief this bloatware is gone! (And my computer seems to work faster now.)

  42. Linda

    I used the trial 2009 version of SmartDraw and though it has a couple of glitches, for drawing 2D houseplans, it worked really well — except. It locked up my computer several times. $$ being an issue, I’m considering buying SD 2007 for $20. What do you experts think of that strategy?

  43. anon

    I’ve tried SmartDraw back in the version 4-5 days, small, efficient, interesting concepts on some features. It looked very promising but somehow it lost its way. Probably because it focused on the wrong features and customers. They are targeting for the average joe who just want cookie cutter templates. Even professionals who want to use it cannot customize it the way the want it without big hassles.

    Website looks very professional
    Marketing is doing very well

    But product is not as good as they hype it to be.

    Hope we have a another ex-SmartDraw coming up from another startup company with better vision. So long SmartDraw…

  44. anon

    >SmartDraw has an official user forum now

    Great, now they can delete the negative comments from their forums if they don’t like what the users say.

  45. steve

    Thought I’d give the recent trial version a try I’ve since tried to uninstall this program through the control panel with no success. I just receive a message saying: could not open install.log file. Also, there is no option to uninstall in the start menu. Any help is greatly appreciated.


  46. steve

    I’ve just spoken with a guy from SmartDraw’s 24/7 helpline. The program has now been uninstalled, and I now have to say I am impressed with their advice service.

  47. Ashutosh

    When I am trying to uninstall a pop is coming saying INSTALL.LOG not found. I have tried all the above given solutions but all efforts went in vain.

    Please let me know if there is any possible solution.

    Waiting eagerly,