New Personal Creativity Management Device Launches

Local company, Sackville Industries, has just launched a revolutionary personal creativity management device that may herald a new era in information technology. Podcasts are so “last week” when you can have the i-Think (patent pending). Graham Watt, President & CEO of Sackville Industries says that this product has been years in the making and has undergone extensive R&D and user testing. “This will make the iPod look like a rounding error”, he said at the product launch, held this morning at The Bridge Street Café in downtown Sackville, New Brunswick.

Here is a sample of the product information, currently available:


Put i-think’s ear phones in place.
Fondle button.

Batteries not included because there’s nowhere to put them.
Ask about our comprehensive lifetime warranty plan.
If button falls off, glue it back on.
Not responsible for depth or quality of thinking.
If voices heard on earphones see clinical psychiatrist.

Genuine imitation moose nostril hide i-think holster
with belt clip available on special request: $2300.

therefore I sort of am.


More to follow on this amazing technology and I hope to have a complete product review as soon as possible, so stay tuned.

Urgent Update: I’ve just been informed that Sackville Industries was bought today by the Dollar Store for $2.00 and 55 fluffy pillows. Here is the new company brand:


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  1. graham watt

    Hey Jacques, there’s one short term memory card left. I’ve used up all the rest.


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