Global Civics 101

The Web is making the spread of ideas a lot easier. Videos, online & offline, are also a great way to get ideas across. I’ve seen a few good documentaries lately and I think that it would be rather simple to set up an “uncurriculum” for global civics. This is my term for developing an understanding about our interconnected economies and societies and the forces at play, both human and natural.

First, I would recommend An Inconvenient Truth, just to set the stage that we humans are messing things up on a global scale, but that we have the capacity, though not yet the will, to start correcting things. You can rent or purchase the movie. There is also an education guide available on the website.

I would also suggest Who Killed the Electric Car?, to show how corporatism stifles progress and innovation. You can rent this video too.

Speaking of corporatism, you have to include The Corporation, in this uncurriculum. I’ve reviewed this film before, and would recommend it to anyone.

Finally, I would recommend Why We Fight, which is available as a free Google video. This movie shows the power of the military-industrial complex, and may have you questioning why we are involved in current conflicts.

All of these movies can help to start some good conversations and they’re better than almost anyone’s lecture could be. With this suite, you can start your Global Civics 101 informal learning program.

Any other recommendations would be appreciated, as this will be part of our unschooling for next year.

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  1. David Delgado

    Interesting resources, Harold. I had seen An Inconvenient Truth, a very good documentary, it has hundreds of video responses on Google video:

    I had not seen “Why We Fight”, but it seems like an interesting movie, but way too long. I would recommend a shorter one:

    Finally, specially for “Global Civics 101” I would reccomend this:

    I hope you like all these. I am glad to share. By the way, thank you for your comments in my blog, it is nice to know that there are people listening out there. 🙂

  2. Marco Polo

    Don’t have any videos to suggest, but what about the power of the Internet itself to connect people and help them coordinate action? It is clear that our beloved leaders have other things to do than deal with the most pressing problems facing humanity: global warming, water shortages, poverty, etc. It is only the Internet that, I believe, will allow enough people to not only educate themselves quickly enough but also to connect with others in meaningful ways and to act in cooperation and concordance with each other. MoveOn and other anti-war organizations have shown how to do this with regard to that particular issue.

    As a source, not of video, but of ideas and inspiring products, I recommend the Buckminster Fuller Institute.

    For the first time in history it is now possible to take care of everybody at a higher standard of living than any have ever known.
    Only ten years ago the “more with less” technology reached the point where this could be done. All humanity now has the option to become enduringly successful.
    R. Buckminster Fuller, 1980

    “If success or failure of this planet and of human beings depended on how I am and what I do, how would I be? What would I do?”

  3. Harold

    I agree, Chris. We watched it as a family the other week and it held everyone’s attention. I especially liked the unresolved ending.


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