Work opportunities in the learning field

When one door closes, many others open.

I never knew that there were so many work opportunities for instructional designers and others until Vitesse/Provinent closed its doors in Fredericton. The former employees quickly put up a wiki and started sharing information to support each other in this stressful time of job loss and uncertainty.

Paul Lyon’s wiki includes a job opportunities page that has dozens of postings in several professional areas. It’s great to see this entrepreneurial spirit and online collaboration amongst the former Vitesse gang. It also shows how the DIY Web is empowering the grassroots in all fields.

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  1. Dave F.

    I don’t know anything about Vitesse/Provinent, but your post is an encouraging sign, especially for those of us who freelance. I know I’ve enjoyed collaborating across distances, and wouldn’t mind doing it across borders.


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