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As previously announced (follow link for details), there will be a free workshop on Value Networks, on Tuesday, March 20th in Saint John.

The morning session (coffee at 8:30 AM, start at 9:00 AM) is a general overview and open to anyone. The afternoon session is a hands-on workshop focused on small and medium-sized businessses in the ICT sector. Come out and learn something practical to improve your business. In itself, this will be an opportunity to meet some interesting people in an intimate and comfortable environment.

Further reading:

What Is Value Network Analysis Verna Allee (PDF)

KM and the Social Network Patti Anklam (PDF)

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  1. dave cormier

    Would love to be there Harold… no can do I’m afraid. To anyone else thinking of going… a day spent talking with Harold about this stuff is time well spent.



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