Google buys Marratech

I knew that sooner or later Google would get into the synchronous web-conferencing business. They just announced the purchase of Marratech, which is in my opinion one of the best web conferencing products out there. And on top of that, it was built in Sweden, not Silicon Valley, and designed by a Canadian [félicitations, Serge].

I’ve used Marratech on several occasions over the past few years and for a while spent several hours a day collaborating with colleagues across the country on Marratech. It is just as good, if not better, than most of the other platforms that I’ve used, and at the time had the least restrictive licensing model and an excellent load distribution capability.

Now that Google owns Marratech we will see the commoditization of these platforms that have, up to now, been very expensive. We’ll also see some competition from open source, like DimDim, for those who want to host their own system. It’s pretty obvious that the days of selling six-figure web-conferencing license agreements will soon be over. I wouldn’t buy a new proprietary web-conferencing system at this time, until we see what Google does.

Via Geoffroi Garon

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  1. Serge Lachapelle

    Merci pour les beaux mots Harold! Le futur est, tout d’un coup, très intéressant.

  2. Piotr

    Recently I have been testing web-conferencing tools (LiveMeeting, WebEx, Acrobat Connect etc.) and of course DimDim. What really impressed me was the functionality of Acrobat Connect, and… DimDim of course, because comparing the price 🙂 gives no posibility of NOT-TO-TRY DimDIm. I have tried it, even reviewed the source, and it’s brilliant.
    1. Free
    2. Functional
    3. Easy to change look&feel
    4. Easy to integrate

  3. DD Ganguly


    Thanks for kind words, especially #4 Ease of
    integration. We have released an integration
    pack with Moodle (Open source e-learning tool) and will be releasing other integrations packs soon. These packs can also be used an templates for integrating Dimdim with other tools.

    Warm regards,
    dd ganguly
    CEO – Dimdim


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