Management is the problem

Richard Florida writes that Toyota has now surpassed GM as North America’s largest automobile manufacturer, and says that it was due to better systems and better management:

The problem has long had one source: management. Oh, they have had their excuses. High wages, recalcitrant unions, pensions and healthcare. Nonsense. Toyota, Honda and other Japanese companies showed how workers were not real problem. They used American workers – sometimes the very same workers in the very same factories – to make quality cars American want to buy. The real problem was management. Given the right management and production systems, American workers did just fine.

I would say that most of our problems in our industrial economy can be attributed to bad management models, whether it be ineffective public education, short-sighted politicians, bloated bureaucracies or arrogant telecommunications companies. Toyota used the same conditions, changed the rules of the game and came out on top.  Who’s coming under the radar to defeat the  flawed operating models in your industry?

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