Izimi, the future of file-sharing?


Izimi is a program that allows you to share unlimited files without uploading them to a third-party site:

izimi places the power right in your hands, where it should be – it’s a truly democratic web. With izimi there’s no need to upload your content to any server: you decide what you’ll publish, there are no limits on quantity or quality (we won’t degrade your videos, photos or music), and you retain ownership and control.

In my case, it should make my website host happy that I’m using less bandwidth [right, Chris?]. According to some people, Izimi will make YouTube obsolete. Though I’m not sure about this, I’ve downloaded the application and have set up my Izimi site.

There’s only one file available available on my site so far, Seth Godin’s Bootstrapper’s Bible. It’s a Creative Commons licensed PDF that I used to have available for download from this site.

Izimi requires M$ .NET framework, so it may take a while to install. Izimi only works on Windows XP or Vista, so I may not be using it for long, unless they make it cross-platform compatible in the future.

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