elearning jobs in Moncton

Desire2Learn is hiring in our local area:

Desire2Learn is opening their doors in Moncton, New Brunswick and is calling all those who are interested in a career in the high-tech industry! Join us at our Technology and Career Exhibition Date:
Thursday, June 28, 2007 from 5 – 8pm

Scientific Park, 55 Crowley Farm Rd., 2nd Floor, Moncton, New Brunswick

What to Expect:

  • Listen to John Baker, President and CEO, discuss our latest technologies
  • Network with some of the industry’s top professionals
  • Speak with Desire2Learn’s Management Team and learn about our exciting employment opportunities
  • Enjoy food, prizes and more!

6 Responses to “elearning jobs in Moncton”

  1. Harold

    But you didn’t consider that you could live here in Sackville, a short commute from Moncton, and buy a house for about 70,000 pounds.

  2. Gerard Godin

    I don’t know what their standards are, but I applied last year, with over 15 years varied IT experience as Sys-Admin/DBA/Web developer/Certified teacher with school/college experience and I never heard back.. Not even when I inquired about my CV..

  3. Harold

    My experience with almost all companies and even academia is that they treat job applicants like crap. It seems that when you apply for a job you are now part of some sub-culture that can be mistreated.

    A few years ago I went out on a job hunt. I applied for 30 jobs. For most of them I never even got a “thank you for your application” note, which I think is the bare minimum. When I hired people, I always sent personal notes back to the applicants.

    I hope that other applicants have a better experience with D2L than you did.


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