Moncton (finally) gets WiFi

Fredericton, with a much smaller population, has had free WiFi since 2004 and now Moncton, NB, finally has a “pilot project” for free wireless access downtown. It’s about time that Moncton entered the 21st century.


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  1. derekhat

    I tried the free wifi on Thursday. It’s about time. When I tried, it was only working for web traffic on ports 80 and 443. I couldn’t use secure IMAP or Remote Desktop. Hopefully that’s not a permanent firewall rule. And here’s hoping the signal is strong a Timothy’s on Main St. 🙂

  2. Gerard Godin

    I encountered the same thing. They had a link for comments on their website at but it was only a mailto link.. I thought it was hilarious.

    I’ve emailed them a few comments and suggested they look to Fredericton for a great service example. Right now, it looks like the target market excludes information workers. They want tourists to browse maybe, and as I suggested to them maybe the odd p0rn downloader who won’t want to be caught at home. 🙂

    I hope they readjust their service a bit. I mean, there’s not even a signal at the public library acros the street.:(



  3. Joshua Colp

    Some further points of interest:

    1. The APs are installed on street lights and traffic lights, except for one which is installed on the fire station. Most of them have a clear line of sight to eachother.

    2. They appear to be using Cisco equipment for the APs.

    3. The internet provider is Aliant.

  4. Glenn Kaye

    Very disappointed that my wi-fi phone cannot connect to your network due to your port restriction setup. Why do you have this restriction? Are there plans to open the area to all wi-fi devices?

    • Harold Jarche

      My network? Please read the information on this website, Glenn. I have nothing to do with Moncton wi-fi. Complain to the city, I don’t even live there.

  5. rex

    They’ve had free wifi since at least 2003-2004. I lived a couple streets from city hall and had signal. Weak,, but able to get in.

    the wifi phone should connect unless you’re using a blackberry which requires BIS service which requires a special port.

    Personally I think free wifi should be seen as a gift and one should not look a gift horse in the mouth. Of course it will be restricted


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