National Day of Action

Last week was Canada’s National Aboriginal Day and today is the National Day of Action. You could say that we had the traditional conference last week followed by the unconference this week. Chris Corrigan does a lot of work with First Nations and has written a counter post to a recent article in the Globe & Mail by Margaret Wente. As someone who is close to the problem, but also has a systems view, this is worth reading, especially today:

Those of you that have read my ramblings over the years will know how I feel about education. Learning how to read is a good thing. Learning how to learn is a good thing. Education is another thing. It is the last sacred cow in indigenous communities, the idea that the school system actually sustains the problems that our communities face. We could talk a lot about this, but I think schools in general don’t hold the solution to all the problems. Learning does though. That’s what the Elders say anyway, not that Margaret Wente puts much stock in them.

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