Gaming, animation & simulation in Moncton

I attended a gathering of the nascent New Brunswick Gaming, Animation & Simulation (GAS) industry yesterday. Companies included FatKat Animation, the largest animation company in the region; GoGii Games, a start-up with experienced leadership; Pitch Mobile, games for wireless; and Vinland Studios, games with historical significance.

Many of those present then headed to the seaside resort town of Shediac for the local knowledge industry ‘s final cybersocial of the season with an evening cruise on the bay.


One group of visitors was a small company from BC that is opening an office in Moncton. Terra Cognita has a couple of products, focused on land knowledge systems, and also creates custom software applications for small and medium sized companies.

Newer members of the industry were also there, like designer Christine Lund. All in all, a pleasant way to spend a day.

Update: The GAS industry now has its own blog.


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