Need Firefox-Thunderbird Help

I’m using Firefox and Thunderbird, both with default themes on Win XP SP2, and recently the “File-Send Link” function stopped working. I checked the forums and found out that this was a problem with the Beta release but can’t find any info on later problems or issues. I’ve checked both programs for updates.

Any advice out there? No, I don’t need advice to switch to Linux or to Mac, as I plan to leave Windows completely next year. For now, XP suits me fine.

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  1. Gerard Godin

    Look at that key in your registry and see what it says.. The mailto one.

    It would be an idea to turn off extensions and see if it resolves it, then turn them back on one by one. I had to get rid of the Developer toolbar because it had become a real nuisance.

  2. Harold

    Thanks, Gerard. The last link helped me out. I had to change the about:config setting for my external mail handler – how obvious 😉

  3. Gerard Godin

    about:config, THAT’s what I was trying to find originally..

    Glad it worked. 🙂


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