Canadian mobile data rates stifle Can-Con

Canadians pay way too much for mobile data (e.g. blogging from your cell phone) and this has been noted by Michael Geist in Uncompetitive Canada:

In fact, Canada not only trails the U.S. and Western Europe, but Eastern European countries such as Poland and Romania, Asian countries such as Malaysia, and African countries such as Rwanda all offer unlimited monthly data plans for less than $50.

Canadian mobile phone rates are between 3 and 20 times more expensive than those on the USA or UK. We can thank our telecom oligopoly for that. But it’s not just expensive rates that are stifling the Canadian economy. We may be strangling Canadian content as well, as Julien notes:

As a content-creating Canadian with an N95 smartphone, I produce value for my country by creating content, increasing Canada’s profile in the web/mobile space. By allowing data packages to remain at this price, they are letting Americans take control of the space instead.

It’s time for our regulatory dinosaurs to wake up before it’s too late for us to compete in the Internet age.

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