Carnival of Nonprofit Consultants


This is my first turn to host the Carnival of Nonprofit Consultants. I tried to focus on environmental themes, and I got a couple, but most importantly, all of these blogs come to you from Canada.

  1. First off is Robert Paterson of Prince Edward Island. Rob has been involved in many nonprofit organisations, from helping to create the Queen Street Commons to his work with National Public Radio. There’s a lot to pick from, but I would recommend his recent post on the Food Trust of PEI, which is focused on informing consumers of food what it is that they’re really eating.
  2. Next is Dave Pollard of How to Save the World. Dave’s posts usually address some deep subjects and there’s a wealth of practical information too. His recent post on the Essential Capacities for Communities is worth a read for any nonprofit consultant.
  3. Chris Corrigan from the west coast is quite experienced with open space technology and this week talks about More on Presence, Circles and Granola.
  4. Another west coaster, Jon Husband, shares his experience at Wirearchy. Read Jon’s recent post on how games are becoming mainstream workplace learning fare, at Playing Games at Work.
  5. Joan Vinall-Cox works in higher education and seems to be a natural blogger. Check out her Top Ten Tools for work and learning.
  6. Dave Cormier is currently working at the University of PEI and also co-founded Worldbridges, a unique nonprofit business. Dave recently posted An Introduction to my blog – Two years in review.
  7. I would be remiss if I didn’t include the photo blog created by one of our summer students at the Atlantic Wildlife Institute. Mark has just finished his term but I hope to continue to post some photos during the year, in my capacity as Director of Education. There are great photos and explanations about a wide variety of North American wildlife.



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  1. Sherri Garrity

    From sea to shining sea, consultants and non profits across the country will thank you for this post. I am gathering Canadian content for my own site as well. We are not another state and there are differences in how we work and communicate. Enrol (not enroll) to receive my list of Canadian Press writing style tips and favourites (not favourites). Thank you Harold, from Manitoba. Now off to Tim’s for a double double.


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