Friday Reflection

I’ve decided to stop at Step 3 for the series of small steps for knowledge resilience this week, but if there was a fourth, I would say that it should be to reflect.

Silver Lake

As I mentioned on Monday’s post, many organisational workers are so busy running around that they don’t have a chance to ask why. There is a time for action and a time for reflection. The tools that I’ve mentioned this week can be used for either, but you have to take the time to reflect. Review your old bookmarks, re-read comments and look at posts with new eyes.

I decided to use a single theme for the week on the advice of Bill Fitzgerald. It takes more concentration but in some ways is easier because of the self-imposed constraints. As an aside, with WordPress you can write all of your posts at the same time and then edit the timestamp so that they publish in order on consecutive days. This is handy if you’re going to be away but want to keep publishing.

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  1. Dave Ferguson


    I remember how often reflichir seemed to come up when I was first learning French, and in broader contexts than we tend to use in English.

    Lately I keep going back to “mindfulness,” of which reflection is a part, I think. Reflection provides the inner feedback loop: how are things going? How did I want them to go? What differences do I see?


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