Learning Technologies Bootcamp

Janet Clarey and I will be facilitating a Bootcamp on Learning Technologies at the Brandon Hall Innovations in Learning Conference on 24 September. If you’re planning on attending the conference in Santa Clara (24-26 Sept), there’s still some room for this pre-conference session.

On a more social note, I haven’t heard about any beer tastings at this event, but there is a wine tasting on the last day. I’ll be arriving on the Saturday before the conference if anyone wants to get together. I think that this is going to be a lot of fun and it will be great to connect with the bloggers whom I’ve seen on the presenters list.

5 Responses to “Learning Technologies Bootcamp”

  1. Karyn Romeis

    I’m sulking about not being able to be in Santa Clara – so I just don’t want to know about what great stuff you’re all going to do there, and how much fun you’re all going to have.

  2. Harold

    I’m sorry you can’t make it, Karyn. FYI, I only go to conferences where I’ll be speaking, because I can’t afford the time/money for anything else.


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