My value proposition

I had many conversations about work and business models over the past week and realised that my niche is fairly unique, in that not many people focus on learning, business and the Web, at the same time and with the same interest [hence, “Conversations at the intersection of learning, work & technology“]. You can learn much from one discipline and then apply it to another and this process is well described in The Medici Effect.

While some may consider me an edublogger, I spend as much time working on business models. I’m currently evaluating the business plan of a small IT company and looking at how it can grow its market. I’ve also become a geek over the past decade and learned more about web infrastructure than a guy with a History degree should.

To explain my business more clearly, I created a Flickr photo and added some descriptive notes to it. The notes only work in Flickr, once you click on the image. I guess I’ll have to learn some javascript so I can embed the image on my web page.

At the Intersection

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